Worship Times

9am Sunday • Traditions Worship

(located at the North Side Sanctuary)
What to expect: Worship featuring hymns with organ, choir and Holy Communion every week.

11am Sunday • Journey Worship

(located at the South Side Worship Space)
What to expect: Worship featuring modern music with a full band and Holy Communion every month.

First UMC Children's Ministries are available during both services.

Everyone is welcome (and we mean everyone). That means every Sunday you will see a diversity of people, dress, ages and anything else that divides our society. Everyone is made as a child of God & we worship together in two (or more) different styles.

We are the Fun Church (aka First UMC)

Is it ok to have fun at church? Well, we think it's better than the alternative. You'll have fun here, but you'll also be challenged.  Our team is united in the mission God gave us; Lead People in New Life with Jesus.

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. People tend to worry about what to wear and what to say . . . and then there's the whole ohmagosh-what-if-they-make-me-stand-up-and-introduce-myself (we don't do that).

Here's the deal: You can totally relax here. We want to meet you wherever you are--spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and about any other "-ly" you can think of. We don't pressure or judge; we invite and encourage. For real.