Growth Groups

Christianity isn't meant to be lived alone. All of us need people to walk alongside us when we are going through the big moments in our lives - marriage or divorce, having children or their graduation, parents aging or our own medical diagnosis... it helps to have a group with us during life's major transitions.

Growth groups are a group of friends, people to learn with, study the Bible with, friends we can pray for and people who pray for us. Growth groups are sort of a little church, inside the much larger First Church family.

If you want to get connected email Pastor Jennifer.

Asking God into your life isn't a destination, it is a beginning point to a life of faith. At First UMC we believe there are 5 Practices (or 5 habits) that help us grow in new life with Jesus: Worship, Grow, Serve, Give & Invite - you can find out more about them here.